Michael Brom – week 45 – DWI Internship update: new challenge!

Michael Brom – week 45 – DWI Internship update: new challenge!

Dear readers,

over the last few weeks, there has been a lack of clarity about the actual challenge. In order to shed light on the final challenge, I had an appointment with Ingrid Wakkee on Thursday this week. We discussed the current state of affairs regarding the internship at DWI Amsterdam. As I posted last week, I devised a new challenge with Frans Heessels two weeks ago. The renewed challenge had to be approved by the minor teaching team. During my meeting with Ingrid Wakkee, the challenge was approved and fortified so that a proper planning could be made for the next three months.

In the final challenge I will develop plans on how the municipality of Amsterdam can deal with the new small social firms without using the stereotypical thinking. Currently, the municipality finds it hard to deal with the shifting labor market. Oftentimes, new social firms do not fit the general, stereotypical expectations of the municipality, which makes it hard for these firms to exploit their opportunity. In order to augment the interconnection of small social firms and the municipality of Amsterdam, new plans have to be conceived.
The upcoming months, until January, I will be exploring how the municipality currently deals with new small social firms in order to create a baseline for the investigation. I will conduct multiple interviews with social entrepreneurs and key figures at the municipality of Amsterdam. Besides, I will attend important meetings concerning the subject of matter and execute thorough scientific research on small social firms and the operation procedures of the municipality. In January, I will focus on the creative part of the challenge. Having information and knowledge about social firms and on the working methods on the municipality, I will devise of the box solutions. On Friday, the 14th of November, I will have a meeting with Frans at DWI to discuss the progress.



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