Luuk Staudt – Blog 8, Week 45 – Getting the interviews.

Luuk Staudt – Blog 8, Week 45 – Getting the interviews.


This week we were able to secure our first interview with a gazelle entrepreneur. A multiple winner of the FD gazelle awards is willing to gives us more insight into his motivations and traits to start a company. We are really excited about meeting him. In the literature education has an influence on performance. In the email the founder stated that he thinks that education is not important but the personal traits are. This already promises to be a interesting interview.

One interview is not enough though. Today we doubled our efforts and emailed a lot of experts on the field of gazelles. We really want their input because it can contain important information for the survey. We can analyze the survey as often as we can, but we can do the survey itself only once. Therefore it is important to include all items that potentially determinate whether or not somebody will evolve to become a gazelle entrepreneur.

At ACE we have already been approached by people that are interested in our research. The conversations with them have helped to get a good pictures of issues that can play a role. For me it is also an acknowledgement that we are on the right track and that I was right in choosing this challenge. It is always difficult to choose a subject for an internship when you don’t have a good picture of what it all could entail. This challenge so far has been very inspiring. The fact that it is not that easy stimulates even more to submerge ourselves in the knowledge available to us.

Next week we will have our first draft ready for the survey. After that we will have two weeks to improve the survey before it will be conducted. Hopefully we are able to sequence the items in such a way that really forces students to think when answering. More about that next week. Have a good weekend!

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