Lukas Romme, Week 45, MKB Amsterdam

Lukas Romme, Week 45, MKB Amsterdam

Hi everyone,

Last week we had our conversation with Ellen Jacobs about our new challenge for the internship. Our new challenge is focused on subsidized innovative sustainability projects. During our conversation Ellen said she wanted to introduce us to Chris Goemans. Chris Goemans is a partner at The Blue Deal Company together with Sven Louwers. The Blue Deal Company helps other businesses in getting more sustainable. They say saving energy is in almost every company a chance to save money and a chance to become more sustainable. Saving 10% or more is most of the times easy to realize with few adjustments. They are also saying that lowering the energy consumption in the company could contribute to a healthier work environment. Increasing the productivity and comfort of your employees.

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At the beginning of this week Ellen introduced us and The Blue Deal was really enthusiastic. They asked us to contact them and they are looking forward to meet us for lunch. We sent an email to Sven Louwers and are now waiting for a reply to make the appointment.

In the mean time we did some literature search on subsidized projects and the effect of subsidized projects. Reading this literature can help us in analyzing other subsidized projects.

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