Lukas Romme, Week 45, Assignment 2 E&N

Lukas Romme, Week 45, Assignment 2 E&N

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Hey everyone,

For the course Entrepreneurship & Networks we had to analyze our facebook network with touchgraph. The three unconnected clusters are for me the blue on the right, the small purple one and the lime green one on the far left. All the friends in the blue cluster on the right study pharmaceutical sciences, live mostly in Amsterdam and are around the same age or a little bit younger. The small purple cluster shows some of the friends I met when I was travelling in Asia and the lime green cluster on the left shows the friends I met because they already were friends with my brother. The friends in the purple cluster are around my age and they are pretty much living all around the world. The friends in the lime green cluster are mostly older than I am and all of them live in Amsterdam.

These three clusters are not connected to each other. My fellow students do not the people I met in Asia or the people I met through my brother. If I would open up a retail webshop I dont think I would have a lot of resources from my fellow students of pharmaceutical sciences. However some of the friends I met traveling are living in Asia and they could be useful when it comes to resources. Asia is compared to Europe pretty cheap and buying things in Asia to sell in Europe could help in getting you some profit. Having a contact person in Asia should make this a lot easier.

Also the lime green cluster is useful when opening a retail webshop. Most of these friends have their own company and could provide me with some helpful information. They could give tips on what to do and what not to do.

The light blue cluster and the orange cluster are more and more connected in since the past years. These are the people I met in Amsterdam and the people I know from Leiden. So whenever the people I know from Leiden come to Amsterdam I introduce them to my friends in Amsterdam. Therefore I am a more a tertius jungens between these clusters.

After I revisualized the network in a pyramid lay out you see the ones who have the most mutual friends at the top. These are my brother, sister and really close friends.

Lukas Romme 2008025


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