Floris den Boer, week 45, internship blog

Floris den Boer, week 45, internship blog

Hi everyone,

This week was the first week after ‘the battle’. We finally had a plan which we could elaborate, so we met with Robbert, Ine, Jonas, Sacha, Guido and I at the VU to work on it. We began with brainstorming about the script of the little movie. Should the script be funny or more serious to get attention from the family of the entrepreneur? We decided the script should have a serious message, that if you, as a familymember of the entrepreneur, notices that he or she is facing bankruptcy, you should intervene and convince him to search for help. After this decision we divided the groups to think about a scene in this little movie. Guido and Sacha thought about an entrepreneur who is calling with his bank and that his or her child enters the room and hand him the folder of the ‘Feniksgroep’. Robert and I imagined that the entrepreneur had a fight with his spouse and they couldn’t sleep afterwards, and Jonas and Ine thought about a birthday of the child of the entrepreneur. The child’s sit with all his or her friends around a table with a cake in the middle, and the entrepreneur comes home, only says ‘congratulations’ to his child, and goes upstairs to work, without giving the child any presents. After having thought about the script, we divided tasks to take the next steps. Sacha is going to contact people to help with making our little movie (like a movie-maker or producer). Jonas and I put a message on the ‘Feniksgroep’ LinkedIn to get in contact with entrepreneurs who could help with making the folder. Robbert and Ine are going to look for some actors to play in our movie and Guido is going to manage the composing of the movie. I hope we’ll get all of this managed within this week, so would could make even bigger steps next week!

Kind regards,

Floris den Boer

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