Faraz Khattar, Entrepr and Networks, Assignment 2

Faraz Khattar, Entrepr and Networks, Assignment 2

Hi everyone,

This weeks assignment for the course Entrepreneurship and Networks is to write a blog regarding our Facebook network. By using the app Touchgraph I have visualized my Facebook friends and made a map of my network. When looking at the map, there are three groups of networks that stand out because their size and the way that they are not connected with each other. The largest group is the group coloured red, these are all the people that I have met when I lived in Hoek van Holland 10 years ago. A lot of the people I met back then are people that I grew up with and some of them I still see on a frequent basis so they are connected as wel with other groups. The second group is the blue group at the below. This particular group exists out of people that I have met during my study International Business & Management at the HVA. And the third group that springs out is the yellow coloured group at the right sight of the map. This group exists mainly out of family members and acquaintances.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 13.42.58
The reason why these three particular groups (Red, Yellow and Blue) are not connected is because all of them are located in different locations (Hoek van holland, Amsterdam) and that i have met them during different years in my life (except my family)

If I was an entrepreneur opening up a retail shop, i definitely would find opportunities, legitimacy and resources in these three clusters. These are all people located at different areas in the Netherlands and with all of them i have spent quite some time. Because of they diversity they all can provide a different meaning, people of my study can provide knowledge, people I grew up wit hand family can provide support and others can provide specific skills.

Looking at the article of Burt (2000) and the clusters I can say that I am more a ‘Tertius iungens’, which stands for connecting third. I am the type of person that has a very diverse network and during the years I have connected a lot of people from the different clusters with each other. When I meet new people and start to form a stronger bond they always get introduced to other friends from other clusters.

When I visualize my Facebook network in a pyramid layout, the alters in the upper levels are the people that i see most frequently and are the most close to me. These are the people that have the most mutual friends.

Thank you for reading,



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