Entrepreneurship & Networks – Nima Rounaghi – 2564170

Entrepreneurship & Networks – Nima Rounaghi – 2564170


Hey Guys!

In this blog I want to talk about my own personal network on facebook! The three unconnected clusters I would like to discuss are the yellow cluster, the dark-blue cluster and the sort of cluster in the lower right side of the picture. The yellow cluster (rep. my study mates), who are approximately my age, is not connected to the dark-blue cluster (rep. my family from Iran) because they do not have anything in common and simply do not know each other. They are adult families of me and live spread around the world. The rest of my network is also not connected to the ‘cluster’ kind of thing in the lower right side of the TouchGraph picture, due to the fact they are my friends and trainers from my fitness and judo and so on they have nothing in common with the rest of the yellow and dark-blue clusters of my network. Their age differs from my age till mid 30’s. The three clusters which I have discussed in the above section, simply have nothing in common with each other and for that reason are not related.

For the case that I am an entrepreneur opening a retail webshop, these three clusters can really help me out. The main factor that will have an influence on the webshop is in what product or service I will set up a webshop. The opportunity to find someone to set-up the technical part of the webshop I can arrange from my study-mates (yellow cluster). If I for instance want to sell sport-related products, the lower right cluster is the perfect group for me because those are all sport-instructors and athletes.

In general I can describe myself as an tertiaire jungens extend in which I connect clusters with each other. For instance, I introduced a couple of my study-mates to my sports instructors, and in that way they are also connected with each other. I definitely don’t have any intentions on getting any kind of profit from clashes between the two clusters.

Nima Rounaghi
Entrepreneurship & Regions


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