Entrepreneurship and Networks, Pedram Shadbash, Assignment 2

Entrepreneurship and Networks, Pedram Shadbash, Assignment 2


As can be seen on this map, the use of TouchGraph has enabled me to visualize my Facebook network in different clusters. It is a quite interesting tool in order to see how your own network is embedded and how your friends are connected with each other. In this blog, I will analyse some aspects concerning these clusters.

As such, I will divide three clusters who are not connected with each other. Cluster 1 is the large dark blue cluster at the bottom of the map and it includes my family members. As you can see, they are not connected with cluster 2 who are illustrated as the light blue cluster on the left side of the map. Cluster 2 consists of my former colleagues from the time that I used to work for Telfort. Now, if we look at the right side of the map, there is the dark purple cluster which consists of former fellow students from the time that I used to study at the University of Amsterdam. This cluster shall be called cluster 3.

The reasons why these clusters are not related and connected to each other are quite simple. Cluster 1 which consists of my family does not live in the Netherlands, so it would be almost impossible for them to be connected to members from cluster 2 and cluster 3. Cluster 2 consists of my former colleagues at Telfort, and the reason why it is unlikely for them to be connected to cluster 3 is because of their difference in education. Cluster 3 are university students from the UvA, whereas my former colleagues from Telfort were older and not so highly educated.

If  I were an entrepreneur, I would most likely find financial recources at cluster 1 because as my family, they would probably lend me money easier than the rest. For intangible resources, such as knowledge and information, cluster 2 and cluster 3 would both be interesting – because cluster 2 provides access to practical knowledge, and cluster 3 theorotical knowledge. In this way, all of these clusters would offer me their own opportunities. As an entrepreneur I would not be searching for mere highly educated networks through which opportunities would rise, nor would it be like this vica versa. Legitimacy is a more difficult subject to predict as I am not actively in contact with cluster 2 and cluster 3 anymore. For instance, if cluster 3 are now succesfull marketeers at a large organization, and I would start-up a pr/communication bureau – legitimacy could be found through this cluster.

According to Burt (2000), I would be a tertius jungens between cluster 2 and cluster 3. Cluster 2 and cluster 3 could be brought in contact with each other if we would look at their geographical location, however I am not taking any efforts to enable this.

If would revisualize the clusters in a pyramide shape, I would find the strongest ties close to me. Some of them I understand, like my mother and my girlfriend. But two other ties at the top I don’t have regular contact with, but they probably have strong ties with the rest of the clusters.

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