Entrepreneurship and Networks, Danielle Bitter, assignment 2

Entrepreneurship and Networks, Danielle Bitter, assignment 2


As you can see I have a partially picture of my Facebook friends organized in clusters based on who knows who. If you look at the little orange cluster in the right upper corner, we will call that cluster: cluster 1. Then if you look at the slightly less orange cluster in the right lower corner, we will call that cluster: cluster 2. And then if we look at the pink/purple cluster just left out of the centre at the top we will call that cluster: cluster 3. We can see that those clusters are not connected to each other, this has to do with the fact that they are in different age groups and in different geological regions. Cluster 1 is my direct family and friends of them, cluster 2 are people I know from sailing camps in Groningen and cluster 3 are people whom were in my bachelor study group in the first year. So neither one of them has ever met someone from the different clusters because I don’t hang out with the people from cluster 2 or cluster 3 so my family has never met them on birthdays. Cluster 2 and 3 are weak ties to me so the chance someone would know someone from the other cluster through me is unlikely. But if I were an entrepreneur I would benefit from this because they are weak ties and therefore have more new and interesting information (Kadushin, 2012).  When it comes to resources I would probably be better of searching them in cluster 1 because they are older than me so have more experience and knowledge and have more money. In neither in the second and third cluster would I find legitimacy because they are also students like me and none of them already has a business that would provide legitimacy. Opportunities are found in all three clusters because of the geological differences and different studies they provide a lot of insight so the chance of finding an opportunity is likely. All three clusters has an university education level. Cluster 1 is the oldest with ages ranging from 28 to 35 the other two clusters are around my age 21. In cluster 3 I would find expertise in my own study field. In cluster 2 I would find much expertise when it comes to sailing and in cluster 1 much expertise in marketing, medicine, and informatics. If I had to choose if I was a tertrius gaudens or a tertrius jungens between cluster 1 and 3 I would say that I was a tertrius jungens because the two clusters aren’t connected except for me but I don’t withhold any information between the two clusters so I certainly see myself not as a tertrius gaudens. But generally speaking these two clusters haven’t met or connected in any sort of way so my acting as a tertrius jungens stays at being the ‘connecting’ link between them.

When I display my network in a pyramid layout I  can see that the top alters al have in common that they are also students at the VU and know a lot of people from my hometown Hoofddorp. This is because most of my friends come from Hoofddorp or study at the VU. Hoofddorp is a small town when it comes to who knows who so most of the people from Hoofddorp are all friends with one another. So if you are from Hoofddorp that will mean you would have a lot of ties with other people from Hoofddorp that are also friends of me.

Danielle Bitter



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