Entrepreneurship and networks, Benjamin Collins, week 45

Entrepreneurship and networks, Benjamin Collins, week 45

facebook cluster Benjamin Collins

Hello everyone,
The following observations have been made based on my Touchgraph cluster map of my Facebook friends.
Group 1: The first group that looks unconnected is called “Aarde & Economie”. It is located in the top of the map and is colored in blue and light brown. This group op people are the students that were following the same bachelor program as I was before I started communication science. The reason that they look unconnected to the rest of my friends is because that specific bachelor program is very small and contains only about fifty students per year. For this reason the persons that join this program are very diverse and share almost no mutual friends with me. I am the only connection between them and the people I know from work for instance.
Group 2: The next group that appears to be unconnected to the big clusters are the green and brown clusters on the right of the picture. These are the people I know in connection to my sister, who has been living abroad for a long time now. They are geographically distanced from the rest of my friends and for that reason are not connected to the other clusters.
Group 3: The third and last group is the biggest cluster on the map, it is the red one that represents my work. I work at a promotion company, so all the people there are my age and it sometimes feels like one big family, which kind of shows on the map. My colleagues don’t necessarily live nearby the office in Amsterdam, so that can be an explanation as to why they are not really connected to the rest of my friends.
The first two clusters are all university students without exception, because that is where I have met these friends. The third cluster has a lower level of education compared to the other clusters, mostly HBO but also MBO and a few WO-students. The geographical locations of the persons in the clusters vary a lot. Everyone from the first cluster lives in Amsterdam. The persons in the second cluster are literally situated around the world since my sister has been studying around the world in international schools. Of the third cluster, all of them live in either north of south-Holland.
I consider myself a tertius junges, because if I select the cluster that is work, and connect it to the cluster of friends I know from high school, I’m the “connecting third”. These people would have probably otherwise never met but because I know them both they sometimes mingle in social situations.
Benjamin Collins


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