Danielle Bitter, week 45, voordekunst

Danielle Bitter, week 45, voordekunst

This week we have rewritten our research plan. We still wanted to do something with the donators because it is quite remarkable that voordekunst has over 54000 donateurs. And out of those 54000 there are 5000+ donators that are regular donators at voordekunst. These are impressive amounts for a crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands. And the average donation is between 60 and 70 euros. This shows that people are willing and happy to donate money to crowdfunding projects. A unique thing is that you can choose to get a reward from the artist if you donate to his project. But the rising question at Voordekunst is should they as an organisation do something for those returning donators? We found this a very interesting question to explore. What would the donators want and in this case only the donators who donated 3 times or more. This lead to our research question: Is there a need from the regular group of donators (3 times or more) for an extra service offered by Voordekunst?

We are planning to investigate this through depth- interviews and surveys. Through the survey we can get an adequate perception of what the regular group wants and how they like the process as how it is going right now. Is their need for improvement? Through depth-interviews we can get more specific information and get to know exactly how the donators think about Voordekunst and learn more answers to question that otherwise would not have been answered through a survey. We also got a lot of literature explaining what crowdfunding exactly is and how it works. By combining the literature, the depth-interviews and the survey we are (hopefully) able to answer our research question and the burning question at Voordekunst.

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