Chris Boer – Week 45 – Assignment 2 Networks

Chris Boer – Week 45 – Assignment 2 Networks

Hello readers,

The picture shows the use of TouchGraph. TouchGraph visualizes my Facebook network in to different clusters. This is a very handy tool that shows how your network is embedded and shows how you and your friends are all connected with one another, whether it’s directly or indirectly. In this blog, I will discuss three different clusters to give a better insight into my network.

The first cluster is the pink cluster these  are people I met during my first year at the VU, this is a group that is mainly connected to each other. The group is linked to some other people in my network, but is basically an unconnected cluster of people in my network. The second cluster is the green cluster on the bottom left of the TouchGraph. This cluster consists of a family that I’ve known through elementary school, they are connected with a couple of people but they are pretty much separated from everyone else. The last cluster is the teal cluster, these are people from my football club. Since I play football with a lot of friends they are connected with a lot of my other friends as well.

I selected these three groups because they can all offer me something else concerning resources, I would most likely find trust and social support, with my friends from football. The first (people from the VU) and third cluster (people from football) are most useful  for intangible resources like knowledge and information.  Cluster 2 (the family from elementary school) is family that are all very handy with computers and IT business, which makes them very useful since they possess resources that the rest of my network doesn’t have.  The fact that the three different clusters all offer me other resources makes it a more useful network. As an entrepreneur I would not search for only high educated networks, since it is very useful to have a variety of networks consisting of multiple layers of social status as well as intelligence and race, since it gives you more (different) resources to be affiliated with networks that aren’t homophilous.

If I would rearrange the network into a pyramid structure, some ties that were far away in the first graph are now suddenly close. An example of this is my brother and friends who I speak to on a day-to-day basis. On the contrary it is compelling to see some people who I scarcely speak to or meet that take in such a prominent place in the pyramid. According to Burt (2000), I would be a tertius jungens instead of a atertius gardens, since I’m connecting different groups of people

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