Anouk Lambers_Week44_Entrepreneurship and Networks_assignment 1

Anouk Lambers_Week44_Entrepreneurship and Networks_assignment 1

Hi everyone!

This is the first blog for the new course Entrepreneurship and Networks. This blog is going to be about organizational outcomes entrepreneurs realize with the help of their social networks. Having access to resources and using resources explains success: Happiness, income, health.

The definition of social capital is: The collection of resources owned by the members of an individual’s personal social network, which may become available to the individual as a result of the history of these relationships (Van der Gaag & Snijder, 2004). The individual level of social capital contains that knowing or not knowing people has effect on individuals and outcomes. Also individual social network contents influence the attainment/successfulness of individual goals. And it has been proved that relationships with and between people have added value.

According to Lin (1999), social capital is a very necessary aspect for entrepreneurs. Social capital in networks enables the flow of information that is being exchanged between actors. She stated the following thing: “generally three explanations can be offered as to why embedded resources in social networks will enhance the outcomes of actions. For one, it facilitates the flow of information”.

The entrepreneur who I am going to tell something about concerning het networks is Carlijn Nelissen. She recently started her own company ‘Into the mind’. Their company is about providing workshops with professionals and students to trigger the entrepreneur en inventor in themselves. Carlijn always had a big social network which helps her a lot. The important thing is, that because of her popularity and because of the business going so well, a lot of people from het network talk about her company to other persons. Mouth-to-mouth reclame is what she gets from it. Also she has a friend who is a photographer and another friend who builds websites. For her, those resources were very useful and it pretty much helped her at the very first beginning of her business. Also Carlijn has got a few friends who already started up a business. Those friends help her all the time when she wants to know something about successful managing your own business. Carlijn has got a lot of people in her network with educational skill who can also help her out.

In conclusion, Carlijn is a perfect example for an entrepreneur who uses her social network in a sufficient way. Without a good network en useful resources, it isn’t that easy to start up a successful business!

Anouk Lambers



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