Week 45 – Internship – J.Toivonen

Week 45 – Internship – J.Toivonen

Hi everyone,

Last week in the internship we were thinking about the actions we should take in the valorization project of Science Park. After creating a picture of the ecosystem in Science Park, we started to evaluate what should be the primary actions to be taken. We started to think about the website which is really important since that is usually the first thing people see when gathering information about the organization/firm/place etc. A great website is clear, it inspires people and all information should be easy to find. Nowadays it is also important to integrate the website with social media so that people can easily see what social media platforms organization is using and if those social media buttons can be seen on the website, people also find their way more easily to those platforms.


When it comes to Science Park, event calendar should be clearly visible on the website. Overview of all the events (workshops, presentations, networking events etc) helps people get an idea what kind of activities Science Park is organizing. What is more, when it is visible, people are more likely to participate in those events (obviously because otherwise they maybe doesn’t even know about the events).

Potential entrepreneurs can be curious to know more about the process of starting venture at the Science Park. There are multiple ways to show people how the process works but first of all, that should inspire future entrepreneurs and make them want to be part of the Science Park society. Videos can be seen very inspiring way to introduce what actions take place at Science Park so one possibility is to make a video which also is very good tool when it comes to branding Science Park.

Since people are always interesting about the latest news in the field, it would be a good idea to focus on the news feed. Not too many things should be on the first page because too much information doesn’t inspire, but news feed and calendar are such things that people are interested in and hence these should be shown clearly on the website.

Jasmina Toivonen

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