Week 45 – Blog Internship – M. van der Burg

Week 45 – Blog Internship – M. van der Burg

Last Friday we presented our new challenge to our contact person at Seeds. He told us it is a very interesting challenge which would definitely be helpful for Seeds. The goal of our challenge is to improve the process of signing-up new entrepreneurs and their campaigns on the Seeds website. We divided this process is four separate steps. Eventually these different steps should streamline the signing up process. Furthermore is should make the signing-up process more attractive. As a crowd funding platform Seeds has a unique target group compared to other crowd funding platforms. The target group are ambitious entrepreneurs who are pursuing their opportunity in an durable manner.

By using the marketing model AICDAS we aim the design the signing-up process as efficiently and attractive as possible. While incorporating seeds’s future plans and goals.

We have analyzed multiple available marketing models which influence the communication process between a company and  a customer. Most models are based on the basic AIDA model. The AIDA process is divided in attention, interest, desire and action. The main drawback of this model is that it stops after action (siging-up). It is however very important to stay in contact with an entrepreneur since this causes satisfaction.

After some discussing within our group we have decided to use the AICDAS model. We have chosen this model since it’s more detailed and extensive compared to the widely used AIDA.  It also incorporates the ‘after-sales’, satisfaction. This is really important since the entrepreneurs, customers, need support when running a campaign. Creating a bond between SEEDS and the entrepreneurs is beneficial for both parties. Another important benefit is C, conviction, we need to convict entrepreneurs to chose for seeds by presenting our strong USP’s compared to the other crowd funding platforms.


Lots of work to be done!




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