Week 45 – Assignment 2 – Entrepreneurship and Networks – M. van der Burg

Week 45 – Assignment 2 – Entrepreneurship and Networks – M. van der Burg

TouchGraph_Photos (1)

First I would like to notice that this graph was totally unexpected. I never realized that there are groups within my network (there are some errors). This service made a really nice graph of something I did not knew it even existed. One really clear cluster is the bottom right green cluster, these are my friends here at the VU. As expected they do not have any ties with other people from my network. The blue group above it contains my classmates from my chemistry classes. As I followed this course in my hometown, there is some slight cohesion with other people from my network. Another clear cluster is a part of my family, purple bottom left. But since we have some of the same friends on Facebook, they are not really as unconnected as my friends here at the VU.

Imagine I am an entrepreneur starting up a retail webshop. I would definitely find resources and opportunities within these three clusters. Each cluster has its own specialization, for advice on marketing I would ask my family cluster. While I would ask my friends at the VU for help when setting up the website since they have done this before and are more familiar with it than any other of the clusters. My chemistry classmates could supply me with advice from a different perspective.

I will now discuss the characteristics of each group. The first group (Students at the VU), are people with the same interests as me, which enables us to discuss topics other people within my network are not familiar with. Probably the main characteristic from this group that differentiates it from other group. There is not an age difference compared to all the other clusters. The second group (Science Classes), all people within this cluster have the same age furthermore we all live within the same city. Our interests do differ, since this was just a high school class, most of them went in totally different directions and are pursuing different goals. The last group (My family) has characteristics which do differ from the main characteristics of my whole network. Most of them are older, higher educated and all have a different occupation. They also are living in different cities.

After reading Burt(2000) I have noticed that in the clusters VU Students and Family I’m both a tertius iungens and a tertius gaudens. Since I’m in both clusters a bargainer but I alsoI have a behavioral orientation toward connecting people in one’s social network by either introducing disconnected individuals or facilitating new coordination between connected individuals.




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