Luuk Staudt, Blog Entrepreneurship and Networks, week 45

Luuk Staudt, Blog Entrepreneurship and Networks, week 45

Hi reader,

This blog post is all about visualizing your own network. Using the Facebook-app Touchgraph I have mapped my Facebook network. As can be seen, there are three unconnected clusters. The biggest cluster contains people I know from my high school (in red). Second largest are the people I still keep in contact with from primary school (in blue). Finally, in purple, are connections I made at the university.


As you can already deduce, I use Facebook primarily as an educational tool. In that sense you can state that I can learn from the ‘7 potential networking actions’, mentioned in the lecture, to start using it more as a networking opportunity. The fact that these clusters are currently unconnected can be seen as a consequence of that. Although I would like to see myself as the tertius iungens or the ‘connecting third’, based on the visualization of my Facebook network I must come to the conclusion that in that network I function as tertius gaudens, ‘the laughing third’. The result of me acting in this role is that the information I get is often new. Downside is; missing out on the value that can be created by connecting people.

If I were an entrepreneur starting up a retail web shop I would of course turn to connections made at the university. Reason for this, is that they have a lot of knowledge in the matter so they could give me advice and possible connect me to other resources. My friends from high school would also be useful as there are a couple of entrepreneurs within that network. Most of the network lives in Amsterdam so there are also geographical benefits.

touchgraph piramid

After revisualizing the network it is shown that this does not change a lot. The alters in the upper levels are the people I have the most contact with within this network. Closest to me in the pyramid is my best friend from high school. With the people in the upper levels I share most friends.

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