Joep van Gelder, week 45, Internship ACE@VU

Joep van Gelder, week 45, Internship ACE@VU

Joep van Gelder


Introduction to Entrepreneurship

The weekly blog, it is becoming an everyday routine. The process of the internship is getting increasingly interesting, because we are getting close to the creation of the first version of our survey, which is to be conducted during a college lecture of master students in the entrepreneurship course. We have narrowed down the amount of usable articles to approximately twenty, which is half the amount of the initial forty articles. We have summarized key concepts and searched for concepts that were used frequently by several authors. In this way we try to make relevant links, which will provide crucial information for the construction of the survey. For now, we have a provisional ‘theoretical frame’, which is to be further narrowed down at some points, whilst it is to be further elaborated on at others.

During this literary research, we faced two big obstacles. The first obstacle was the low amount of research results concerning personal traits of gazelle entrepreneurs. Most articles are about the gazelle firms themselves, as well as their characteristics. It is very hard to make a clear, valid link to the gazelle entrepreneur. Through some interviews, we might discover more information about this.

The second obstacles concerns the ambiguous results, as well as the different measurements that are used to define a gazelle firm. Because different definitions are used, it is hard to compare research results. Furthermore, it is seen that many results seem to be contradictory. For example, one case study shows that gazelle firms are equally spread geographically, whereas the other case study shows that gazelle firms are mostly found in metropolitan counties. An explanation for this might be found in cultural differences, but this makes it harder to make good measurements for our own case study. In short, there is still a lot of challenges to come for us. We look forward to them!


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