Week 44 – Internship – J. Toivonen

Week 44 – Internship – J. Toivonen

Hi everyone,

Entrepreneurship Regions course started this week and in the first lecture there was a questions of what makes a region entrepreneurial and what is the role of entrepreneurs in the development of a neighbourhood, city or region. We had an example of Silicon Valley. What has made Silicon Valley such a productive region of new technologies and firms? Silicon Valley did not become successful fortnight. It takes time to build such a reputation for a region, arrange the environment to create opportunities for individuals and groups of individuals. Many other geographical units have been trying to model Silicon Valley but even though other regions that demonstrate these similarities can become entrepreneurial regions too, it is important to focus their own unique abilities instead of trying to copy Silicon Valley.

As I wrote my last blog post, in the internship at ACE we drew a picture of how does an ecosystem looks like. Today we discussed with more details how does it looks in Science Park and how we could make this region more entrepreneurial. I think it is important to evaluate carefully the current ecosystem in order to maintain more entrepreneurial atmosphere in the particular region. On the next blog post I will evaluate the actions we should take to make Science Park more entrepreneurial.

In Entrepreneurship Regions course, one of the most important concept is Social embeddedness. It can be seen as a process to becoming part of the structure. According to Granovetter “embeddedness” is the idea that economic relations between individuals or firms are embedded in actual social networks and do not exist in an abstract idealized market. For me this concept of embeddedness is very new, so my plan is to create deeper understanding what is it all about.

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