Rayendall Bitorina, week 44, internship SEEDS

Rayendall Bitorina, week 44, internship SEEDS

Hey everyone!

We did not had a meeting at SEEDS last week, so we continued our work at home. We developed a tool by investigating other available crowd funding tools. Today we met again and we set up new goals and strategies for the next stage of our internship. Together with our contact person at SEEDS we came with the idea to use the marketing/communication strategy AICDAS for the process of entrepreneurs that are searching for crowd funding platforms. Implementing this strategy means that we have to analyze how SEEDS can improve by the standards of this strategy. The stages of this strategy are; Attention, Interest, Conviction, Desire, Action and Satisfaction. How can we structure these stages and how can me make this more accessible for entrepreneurs and how can we lure them.

We made a planning and a concept of the things we want to investigate that are useful for SEEDS. In that way we investigate entrepreneurial behavior in the context of crowd funding and we can help SEEDS. We discussed this planning with our contact person and he was very enthusiastic about it. This analysis can be the basis of our business case, so now we have a good path to follow. We are going to deliver graphic output to SEEDS and we want to present as many ideas as possible to help SEEDS develop. With our knowledge of entrepreneurship we hope to be useful. The following weeks we are going to concretize our steps and this will result in a presentation and report for the winterbreak at SEEDS.

We are looking forward to the next weeks!

Have a nice weekend!

Rayendall Bitorina



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