Pedram Shadbash – Week 44 – Internship

Pedram Shadbash – Week 44 – Internship

Hi everyone!

Yet another disappoinment to announce: I have had to cancel next week’s entrepreneur who was going to come over here to our headquarters to promote his crowdfunding project. I received an e-mail from Corporate Communications which mentioned that all campagnes have to be freezed until the 9th of November, because a.s.r. is focussing now on another campagne: De Andere Spelen. Of course I responded rather disappointed, since this is the second time I have had to cancel an entrepreneur. However, I understand that there are other priorities currently.

Luckily, after the 9th of November, I have made reservations for every monday in our coffee corner so I have made a new appointment with the entrepreneur.

The project manager of asked me to think about how we could attrack more entrepreneurs to for crowdfunding purposes. I accepted the challenge to make a communication plan consisting of recommendations for several channels through which we could coöperate with, in order to attrack more entrepreneurs. I have made a variety of commercial and (semi)governmental organizations who facilitate entrepreneurs in my communication plan. I think that a.s.r., as one of the Netherland’s biggest insurance companies is a very interesting party for a lot of organizations to work with and exploit our crowdfunding platform. In my communication plan I focussed on four elements:

– How does this organization facilitate entrepreneurs?

– What’s in it for us to work with this organization?

– What’s in it for them to work with our organization?

– How should we approach these organizations?

This monday I am going to present my communication plan. Furthermore, upcoming monday I have been invited to attend the weekly meeting of the marketing campagne team of a.s.r., in which they will also discuss the presentation I made in order for crowdfunding entrepreneurs to have succesful campaigns!

I will keep you updated next week. For now, bye!

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