Mike Spits – E&N Assignment 1 – Week 44

Mike Spits – E&N Assignment 1 – Week 44

Today’s blog is about the importance of a network for the entrepreneur.

The entrepreneurs that we are going to analyse in this blog are Matthijs Spits and Annelies Meybaum, founders of Exelcom and also my parents.. The reason I chose Matthijs and Annelies is because of the exploitation of their large network that they build over the years.

Matthijs founded Exelcom, a public relations company, but he did not do it just by himself. During his career after graduating he worked at multiple places including the government. Especially the last one brought him in contact with many useful connections, including some well known entrepreneurs. One of these entrepreneurs was my mother, who he met at the government. They decided to start the company together. When they started their company they used these connections to embed himself in multiple networks where he could provide his services to.

If they did not have these networks, they probably wouldn’t be a the place where they are now with their company. They are lobbyists and the main requirement for such a job is a wide network. The most useful connections in their network were from the dutch parliament and the government. Via these connections they could get in touch with people from all over the world.

Since the office is at home, the only resources they needed were clients and a few computers. The computers were already there so he only needed the clients. The only way to get the clients was via the network again. So if they did not have the privilege of having a wide network, they probably would have been a small local company, or they might even ended it and start working for an already existing company. Also they might have never met and I wouldn’t be writing this blog..

Thank you for reading,

Mike Spits


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