Lukas Romme, Week 44, MKB amsterdam internship

Lukas Romme, Week 44, MKB amsterdam internship

Hi everyone,

Today we had our second meeting with Ellen Jacobs at MKB Amsterdam and we discussed our new challenge for the internship. At first the challenge was to find a way to create awareness of new business trends for established entrepreneurs in general. We discussed this challenge and came to the conclusion that the challenge was maybe too much. Our new challenge is focused specifically on innovative sustainability projects in Amsterdam. The government provides subsidy for a lot of innovative sustainability projects, however when this subsidy stops after a couple of years a lot of projects are forced to quit. So our question is: what could be the main reasons these projects are not able to develop themselves in these years to have the ability to continue whenever the subsidy stops. We will focus on the sustainability of businesses in Amsterdam. In Utrecht there will be an environmental zone affective from 1 January 2015. This environmental zone prohibits diesel vehicles from before 1 January 2001 to pass. An environmental zone like this in Amsterdam will cost companies too much money. For Amsterdam it would be better to help these companies in becoming more sustainable instead of maintaining an environmental zone.

So after our research on why these innovative sustainable projects cant develop themselves to continue on their own Ellen will introduce us to a company that is focused on helping other businesses in getting more sustainable. We will try to use the information we gathered to come up with a plan to help this company helping other companies in getting more sustainable.

Looking forward to work on this project in the next weeks.

Lukas Romme 2008025

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