Jonas Vermaas, Week 43, The Battle

Jonas Vermaas, Week 43, The Battle

Hi Everyone,

Wednesday we had the battle against the other group at the Feniksgroep. After a buzzy week with two big deadlines we worked on Monday and Teusday on the last steps of our idea and the presentation. Since the first brainstorm meeting with Sacha and Guido we came up with the idea to design an informative flyer. This flyer for entrepreneurs will describe al the different things where an entrepreneur has to deal with during bankruptcy. It will serve as a guide for entrepreneurs in difficult times and will be titled; How to deal with bankruptcy.

We came with this idea because an informative flyer is very accessible for entrepreneurs. Especially when different agencies like the chamber of commerce, different banks, the tax office, accountants will give the flyer when they see that an entrepreneur have a difficult time. Sacha told us that he knew a designer and a printing office. These two last days we called a lot of different people to check the feasibility of the flyer. Eventually we found out that the Rabobank was interested in sponsoring the printing costs and the municipality of Utrecht in cooperation to make the flyer. These are both big parties who responded very positively about a flyer.

Back to the battle. Sacha presented our idea, we told about the flyer and our idea to dwaw attention for the flyer using the media. After our presentation the Feniksgroep asked some difficult questions like are you still interested as an entrepreneur in reading a flyer when you are financially pinned to the ground. Eventually the Jury decided to merge the two initiatives and combine the strengths of both. Next week I describe the final idea and work for the next three months!

Talk to you then!

Bye, Jonas


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