Joep van Gelder, week 44, ACE@VU

Joep van Gelder, week 44, ACE@VU

Joep van Gelder


Internship blog

As usual, we had a meeting with our group members and our guide today (Friday). This, however, was not in our own office room. This room was annexed by a delegation of a Zambian university. Therefore, we had a meeting in the canteen this time. Our guide told us that the population for our survey would be twice a big as expected. Instead of 35 people, approximately 70 students have enrolled in the course. As you know, the survey data we collect is used to make a prediction of which students of the master in entrepreneurship will turn out to become gazelle entrepreneurs. Besides that, we will conduct several interviews with some of these students and there also might be a small assignment that they will do. We did not discuss yet what this assignment would look like.

Today was also the day that we would send e-mails to persons we would like to interview. Besides Mark Zuckerberg and Armin van Buuren, who were mentioned in earlier blogs, we want to interview a judge of the Gazelle Awards (Financieel Dagblad, ed.). Furthermore, we contacted one of the winning gazelle enterprises of this year’s Gazelle Awards. We hope to have some interesting conversations coming out of these e-mails. I will keep you up-to-date about that.

Further actions to undertake by next week’s Friday are analysis of the selected articles and the several categories. Out of 45 articles, we will try to make a selection of approximately ten key articles. We try to look for linkages between several articles, as well as returning key aspects, such as personal traits of gazelle entrepreneurs. For November 14th, we planned to create our draft survey. The final survey should be created by November 28th. Lots of work to do. We are still very enthusiastic and we look forward to this month, as theory and practice are going to meet one another.

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