Jeroen ten Hoopen – Week 44 – AcE@Vu

Jeroen ten Hoopen – Week 44 – AcE@Vu

Hi all,

As last week was all about exams and finishing papers no work was done on the internship at our internship at AcE@Vu. Since this week exams and papers are done I could devote more of my time into the internship. Today we had our weekly meeting with mister Maurusel again to update him on the progress of our research. The literaturelist we conducted consists of over 40 articles, which is a bit too much, and therefore we were told to narrow it down to just the most important and valuable articles. So for the coming week we divided all articles we found so far among the three of us. And basically what we are going to do is read them all, and create three seperate theoretical frameworks which we will then combine into one theoretical framework next week. This will be the fundament for our research, meaning it is very important that this is done in a good manner.

That is what we will be doing next. But of course we haven’t been doing nothing today. As I told you last week, to get a deeper insight into these “Gazelle entrepreneurs” we want to interview some people that are affiliated with this. Today we tried to get in contact with them, we sent out some emails to both winners of the Gazelle award by the Financial Newspaper (FD) and to judges of this award. Hopefully we will hear back from them soon!
In the category, if you dont shoot you will Always miss, we send a message to Mark Zuckerberg as well, maybe the best example of a Gazelle entrepreneur. I am not so sure if we will hear back from him, but hé we’ll see!

Next week more, i hope to see all of you again then!

Take care!

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