Ine van der Spek (2508404), introduction to entrepreneurship week 44

Ine van der Spek (2508404), introduction to entrepreneurship week 44

Hello everyone.

In this blog I want to share our progress with the internship for this week. Last week was very very busy with exams and paper so we did not spend any time in the internship that week. That is why I skipped a blog about it for one week. But now we are back, working harder then ever. This week we had two meeting for the internship. The first meeting was on monday. At monday we finished our powerpoint presentation for the challenge. Made some appointments and decided that I would do the presentation on wednesday.

At wednesday we met in Utrecht at the location of the fenixgroep. All six of us were present and two members of the Fenixgroep were present too. They were the jury. The other group started and explained there idea. The idea was to make a flyer, in which they would tell people what to do when you are in trouble with their business.

We were a little bit shocked because that was also one of our idea. However, they had only one idea, and we had three. In this way we were able to stand out. Our ideas were to (1) make a flyer (just like the other group), (2) make a very short movie, (3) try to have a world record. These last two ideas were mainly to gain awareness while the flyer was more focussed on educating entrepreneurs.

After the two presentation the jury decided to combine the two ideas. We are going to make a flyer and a movie, and with the movie we will not focus on the entrepreneur, but on his children and partner. We want to achieve that they are aware of the situation and that the are confident enough to step out to the entrepreneur.

Have a nice weekend,



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