Ine van der Spek (2508404) Entrepreneurship and networks week 44

Ine van der Spek (2508404) Entrepreneurship and networks week 44

Hello everyone,

A blog with a new theme. Networks. This blog is for the minor course Entrepreneurship and Networks. In this fist blog I would like to describe, with the help of the pas lecture, organizational outcomes that an entrepreneur realized with the help of there social network.

Social interactions are the basis for our existence and social networks are the basis of entrepreneurship. Social networks are patterns of relationships (also called ties) between a set of actors. Social actors can be individuals, but it can be organisations as well. Social networks have three very important factors. The first thing is that it helps the discovery of opportunities. The second (for me most obvious one) is that it secures resources and the last one is that it helps you to gain legitimacy.

To show the importance of a social network I would like to use Albert Heijn as an example. This is not only a grocery store, but also a man. Because he was born in this family, wasn’t a poor boy. His grandfather started a grocery store during his youth his uncle and father worked in the company. Because he lived in a healthy family, he got the opportunity to travel a lot. In other words, his network made it possible that he could travel. During this travels he saw the selfservice grocery stores in America, and with these stores he saw the succes. The network accomplished the discovery of an opportunity.

Because his father was already running many grocery stores, his network provided the resources. This is the second example that shows that a social network is indispensable. Without the financial help and moral support of his family, he would never have the opportunity nor the resources to start doing what he did.

I hope this blog gave you a little inside in the importance of a social network and I would like to end with wishing you a lovely weekend.


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