IE – Week 44 – Pieter Bas

IE – Week 44 – Pieter Bas

Dear readers,

Unfortunately I let you guys down last week, by not posting a blog on Friday, for which I sincerely apologise and will make up for by posting an extra one next week. I failed to write the blog last week, as I was very busy, as you probably all were, with finishing both assignments before the final deadlines. This week we’re back in action however, and as I promised earlier, will provide you with some information regarding our project development. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, one of the components of our challenge is to come up with a way to reduce, reuse, or recycle waste in the city of Amsterdam. When I was doing some research online I stumbled upon an advertisement for the celebration of 400 years of canals in Amsterdam. I soon found out that the canals are one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Netherlands and are on the UNESCO world heritage list. The canals are home to major events such as classical concerts, the Gaypride, Sail, Kingsday, but are also used for touristic tours and enjoyed by many on boat or in winter on ice skates. One of the problems however, is that the canals are increasingly becoming too crowded with boats, as it used to be Hollands’ cheapest mooring place. A lot of boats are abandoned by their owners when they are flooded by rain, or when they can’t pay the mooring charge. After doing some research I found out that Waternet, the company that is in charge of towing these boats, does not have adequate capacity to remove and destroy these unclaimed boats. This is where my idea was born. The idea is that, in cooperation with Waternet, they supply us with a boat, we get people from the ‘sociale werkplaats’ to fix them up, and then we either sell the boats, rent them out, or use them to conduct tours through Amsterdam. Pretty circular system ey? Our team will this week be writing a business plan, as well as doing a small scale feasibility study, in which we estimate the costs. I will be keeping you in the loop!

Have a good weekend,


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