Guido Spooren, Week 44, The Battle

Guido Spooren, Week 44, The Battle

Hi readers, welcome to my seventh blog about my internship at Feniksgroep.

Finally, I am able to tell you what our idea is in order to raise the awareness among entrepreneurs of the importance of exit strategies! However, before I will tell you that, I will talk about everything that we have done the past week.

Last Wednesday, it was time for both groups to do the presentations. In order for us to fully prepare for this, our group of 3 met at the VU on Monday and Tuesday. We received contact information from our internship coordinator, so that we were able to contact those people. 2 parties (i.e. Rabobank and the city of Utrecht) thought that our idea was good and they wanted to talk to us in the near future. We are still waiting for other parties like the Chamber of Commerce and BNR News Radio to contact us back. This shows that having a big network, which we got via Feniksgroup, is so important to get things done. This was also discussed during the lectures of one of our new courses: Entrepreneurship and Networks.

On Wednesday, it was time for “The Battle”. First up was our group and we presented our idea of an informative flyer, which we want to spread at various locations, where entrepreneurs can take them and read them whenever they desire. Also, we wanted to design a website where we can show the same information as the flyer and more. In order to make the flyer more widely known, we wanted to make a series of interviews with several  entrepreneurs who suffered a bankruptcy and have them on BNR News Radio to talk about that.

Unfortunately, the other group had a partially similar idea, which you can read in their blogs. In the end, a mix of both our ideas was picked. This means that the challenge ahead is to both make a flyer for the family of the entrepreneur, since they are very close to him/her, and a movie in which we present the importance of exit strategies. I’m very excited about working on this challenge and I will give you more details about the challenge in my next blog!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog and hopefully you will read my next week’s blog as well! 🙂



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