Danielle Bitter, week 44, voordekunst

Danielle Bitter, week 44, voordekunst

Today we had another meeting with the people at voordekunst.

We had sent them a rough version of our research plan. We got a lot of good feedback due to the fact that it was a rough version it was still very broad. We have look into what we find  ‘attractive’ at voordekunst and combine that with the research question.  Besides that we need to set clear boundaries when it comes to the research question so we don’t overwork ourselves. It is a short period of time in which we need to execute our research, this also has to do with the fact that we also attend 2 extra classes both with additional assignments. So the meeting of today was very helpful in figuring out on how we plan to execute our research and what kind of theoretical point of view we are going to take concerning the research. If we have our research question figured out we can then start finding relevant theoretical literature about the subject. We came to the conclusion that we are going to focus at the already existing donators database. And try to get this mapped out. Where do they come from, how did they get at voordekunst, how many times do they donate, what would they like to see extra at voordekunst, are they satisfied at how things are going now? And when we have this all figured out we can then give a clear advise at voordekunst if they need to change and if so how they need to change. We could already test the waters of the donators with already existing ideas on how to get them more incorporated with voordekunst or at least make them returning donators. So we have our work cut out for us. But I’m excited to get a move on the research and really be of value for voordekunst.

Danielle Bitter



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