Chris Boer – Week 44 – Voordekunst

Chris Boer – Week 44 – Voordekunst

Hello readers,

last week I wrote about the blueprint we had to submit, which we would then discuss with Kristel from Voordekunst to determine the things we are going to be working on during our internship.

In this meeting Kristel told us that our blueprint for our internship is to broad, since there isn’t a whole lot of time to conduct all the research we would like to do. So she told us it would be better to specify, set easier goals for our research and focus on one specific aspect of Voordekunst that we ourselves would like to be working on and that could benefit Voordekunst as well. To do this we need to formulate an adequate research question to give clear direction to our research, so we can work on the theoretical aspect of this research. This should give us a better insight to the theories about crowdfunding, reading research articles and theories about crowdfunding could show us ways we can help Voordekunst find possibilities to maximize their outcome.

In our research we will be focussing on the donors especially the donors that are donating on a regular basis. We want to use the database of Voordekunst, to create an oversight of where te donors come from, how they came to Voordekunst, why they are donating and where they see opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction. Through questionnaires and interviews, the end goal for Danielle, Lucie and I is to come with an advice that gives Voordekunst a better insight in the mind of the donors. Why are they donating and what could make them donate more often, also would they like to see some kind of return for their investments, these are questions we would like to see answered through our research.

For now we are still busy creating a viable research, I’m looking forward to when we are finally going to conduct the research.

Till next week,

Chris Boer, 1983342

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