Benjamin Collins, week 44, Blog internship MKB

Benjamin Collins, week 44, Blog internship MKB

Hello everyone,


This week we had a meeting with our supervisor at MKB Amsterdam and it was very productive. We’ve decided to concentrate on sustainability. In particular the subsidy’s that are granted from the Dutch government concerning sustainable development in SME’s. After we’d narrowed this down we thought it would be a good idea to maybe focus on something more specific, because the entire market for sustainable development funding is quite big in the Netherlands. Although it is not a definite decision yet, we are leaning towards the subject of transport. To this sector sustainability is one of the most important changes they are making in the way business is being modernized. City’s are already maintaining environment zones in which only relatively environmentally friendly vehicles are allowed, thus making it vital for transport company’s to have a modern fleet at their disposal. Are main question for this internship would be to what extent sustainable subsidy’s contribute to structural sustainable entrepreneurship. Furthermore we are going to investigate how this can be done better if there are faults in the system that exists today. The problem with maintaining such a strict environment policy is that it can cost more for SME’s than it delivers to society in environment profits. So economically it may not the best idea on the short term, so that is why subsidy’s are necessary in order to stimulate sustainable innovation in SME’s. Narrowing down to a specific sector we are hoping to get a valid answer to our research question. We are going to look at electric transport vehicles in city area’s and make an appointment with a company that finds out how company’s can improve their sustainable innovation and development. For next week the current research on this subject is going to be investigated.


Benjamin Collins


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