Back to Enactus – Week 44 – Dina Zaouid

Back to Enactus – Week 44 – Dina Zaouid

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Guess whose back? Wow it’s been a while already since I’ve written a post on this blog! Assignments, exams, work, gee it’s been a busy week for me. My other study mates were also busy, inclusive the project manager of Enactus so since the last appointment two weeks ago we only met last Tuesday. However we’ve already made some progress in the direction we want to take for our business plan.

You see, as I have written in my first blog, we are challenged to come up with a ‘Circular Economy’ business plan which solves the problem of the chemical waste in Amsterdam. One of my study mates addressed the problem of abandoned boats in the canals of Amsterdam. It appears that around 25 thousand sail and motor boats are slowly rotting away in the Netherlands, whereas around 9500 unused boats are in the canals lf Amsterdam. Waternet, the organization that’s responsible for the boats in the canals, has a huge problem with reducing the amounts of boats because demolishing is simply too expensive, circa 3000 euros per boat! However, if these boats are left in the water they will cause serious environmental issues in the future. Fuel and oil from the motor will leak into the water and besides that some old boats contain asbestos which is life threatening. Sustainable demolition and recycling is the only solution to this problem!

It sounded like the ideal problem to solve, in which everybody would win: The environment, nature, Waternet, the demolishing factory who can’t manage the amount of boats, and so on. Unfortunately, it turned out that the costs would be too high for us to smarten up the boats. So we were forced to look into another direction. No problem! We’ve actually already have thought of something else, but still some research is required. Curious? See you in my next blog then!

Dina Zaouid

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