Alexander van Ravenswade 2005727-week44-internship Feniksgroup

Alexander van Ravenswade 2005727-week44-internship Feniksgroup

Hello fellow Bloggers,

This week we had a meeting with the Feniksgroep because of our battle. we presented our idea of a folder. My two other team members and myself worked on the idea to make folder for entrepreneurs with a step by step plan. in this way to could have something at hand when things would start to go wrong. we had some interesting phone calls with possible partners who wanted to partner up with the production of this folder. Bank and cityhall were both interested. We had thought of some sports were we could drop off the folders so they could be given to entrepreneurs.

Then the other team presented their idea(s). It was very interesting to see that one of their ideas was a folder too. the other ideas consisted of a making a world record which would enlarge the attention of the Feniksgroep and the other idea was to make a clip about bankruptcy which would go viral. In my opinion all the ideas were very good and would serve the challenge of getting more coverage on the activities of the Feniksgroep. The real hard part of the ideas is the execution of the ideas. Its quite costly to make a good clip and its not easy to make a world record linked with something that has to do with bankruptcy.

At the end of the presentation there was a discussion going on about who is affected by bad business. This did not include banks but more the family and friends around an entrepreneur who notice something is not going ok. The end of the discussion was that kids of entrepreneurs notice very well that the business of their father/mother or both is not going well. Thats why we came up with the idea to make a campaign that is aimed a children of entrepreneurs who’s business is not going well. We want the children to go to their parent(s) and to let them give a folder of clip which shows what the Feniksgroep can do for the parent(s), business wise.

Coming monday Brainstorm starts at 12!

see you next week



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