M. van der Burg – Week 44 – Our new challenge

M. van der Burg – Week 44 – Our new challenge

Last week we did not have an internship, so we had to continue working on our challenge at home. We have finished this challenge now. Our challenge was to develop a tool by examining other available crowd funding tools. Today our internship group met again, we went on to discuss our next challenge. We came up with some pretty nice ideas which we will be presenting to our contact person at Seeds tomorrow. Since we still have to discuss this challenge with him, I’m not able to tell where it’s about since it may change after we have been discussing it tomorrow. This challenge allows us to apply our knowledge much better, since our previous task, designing a tool is not something we are studying or are really familiar with.

We hope that our new challenge will be accepted since it is a really interesting one and can be an advantage for Seeds itself. We did not have the feeling that designing a tool is an advantage for Seeds. First, we are not specialized in designing crowd funding tools and second, as just a single tool, it does not add much to the company itself.

Whatever challenge we may come up with tomorrow, we hope that our challenge could be an advantage for Seeds, it must be something they can use to improve the company. Furthermore, the challenge should allow us to combine theory and practice. Designing a tool did not involve any theory from the lectures. We look forward to tomorrow and I hope to present a really interesting challenge next week which allows us to apply all our knowledge we gain from the lectures. It was really interesting to work on the tool, but we are now moving on to the next challenge.

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