Floris den Boer, week 44, internship blog

Floris den Boer, week 44, internship blog

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was a very exciting day, because our two groups at the internship had to present their idea to raise more awareness of an exit strategy among entrepreneurs in Utrecht to Serena and Henk, the founders of the ‘Feniksgroep’. The winning idea of ‘the battle’ was the idea our whole group would elaborate in the rest of our internship. The group of Guido, Jonas and Sacha began with to present idea of a folder. The extent of the folder would be that entrepreneurs would have an overview of steps to know what to do when you are facing bankruptcy. The folders would be deposited at banks, the Chamber of Commerce, and accountants. They already made contact with the Rabobank to sponsor the folders and with the municipality of Utrecht, which were very enthusiastic about their idea. Serena and Henk had some questions about their idea, like: ‘do you think entrepreneurs would be attracted by a folder?’, and: ‘would entrepreneurs wanted to be this folder handed by their accountants or banks?’.

Then it was time for our group to present our idea. Our idea existed of three parts: (also) a folder), a little movie, and a Guinnes world record. We thought we were unlucky to present as second, since the first part of our idea was the same as the idea of the other group, but it the feedback showed us the opposite. Serena and Henk liked our idea of a little movie to be put on the website of the ‘Feniksgroep’. They thought that entrepreneurs would watch a movie earlier then read a folder. Especially when the partner or the children of the entrepreneur would say to the entrepreneur to watch it.

Their decision was that the winning idea would be a combination of the idea of the two geroups. A little the movie, focused on the partner and children of the entrepreneur, would be made with a reference to the folder. So in the end, both groups were the winner.

Kind regards,

Floris den Boer


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