Anouk Lambers_Week 44_ Beginning of the internship

Anouk Lambers_Week 44_ Beginning of the internship

Hey everyone!

I’m very glad to tell you guys that me and my teammates can finally really start our internship at SPARK. At Tuesday we had our second meeting and we discussed what we actually are going to do during our internship.

In my previous blog I already told you between which options we had to choose. We thought about all of the options and during the second meeting we talked about it with two persons of contact at SPARK. We all agreed that there were 2 aspects that seemed the most interesting to investigate. We concluded that it is very interesting to search for a good way to reach potential migrant entrepreneurs. For SPARK it is very important to reach potential migrant entrepreneurs, because when they do, they can offer them their services. When a potential migrant entrepreneur contacts SPARK about his or her plans for building up a business in their homeland, SPARK can offer great help. They provide an entire strategy for migrant entrepreneurs with great ambition. SPARK offers them training to improve their skills, contacts people in the countries they want to go to and helps them with their market investigation. But since not many potential migrant entrepreneurs know about the existence of SPARK, it is very necessary to think of ways to come in contact with potential migrant entrepreneurs. So that is one of the things, me and my teammates are going to work on. The second thing what we are going to do is when we have reached potential migrant entrepreneurs, is to talk to them. We want to get to know them better, the goal is to investigate the motives of the potential migrant entrepreneurs. And besides that it is also very useful to come in contact with already existing migrant entrepreneurs. That is a thing we also want to pursue.

In order to complete our tasks in the most valuable way, we first have to make a terms of reference. So that is the first thing we are going to do during our internship!





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