Fernando Cuenca. Week 41. 2557007

Fernando Cuenca. Week 41. 2557007

Hey there!

This week I’ll be discussing my personal experience from the psychological perspectives of entrepreneurship. I’m really intrigued to know what unconscious incentives triggered my hunger for entrepreneuring and my development for an opportunity.

My personality traits are vary the fitting for entrepreneurship but most of them could be beneficial if developed and put to good use. I’m personally very open, extroverted and easygoing (stable) but it might be put into question whether I’m very conscious about other’s needs and emotions. This might be a setback, but with prominent efforts I might gap through it. These are attributes that might change but entrepreneurs have to be willing to risk, take stress, be focused and determined. I like to think these are learned and polished with experience.

My need for achievement has many triggers and positive pulls. My parents are the main contributing asset to my business state of mind, as I grew up hearing about business all the time. But my main incentive should be the fact that my country is socially impaired so I’m looking to redress my social grievance by producing a successful venture. This sticks to Hagen’s theory of social change. Venezuela is in an socio-economic crisis and currently endures a dictatorship where the only thing keeping the country together are limited (though huge) oil resources. This is the main reason why many people who get the chance either leave, start a dollar profit company, or link to the government as means of survival and profits.

FE-Caracas-grandes-personalidadesFurthermore, I want to build a social network for travel because in a way many people are traveling back and forth to Venezuela (my native country) and I can see an information asymmetry in which many people can rarely find the best and cheapest way to get there, stay there, do things there, and move there. You can say the socio-cultural instances have a deep impact in my current formation as an entrepreneur but I reckon I still have a lot to go.

Stay tuned for next week’s post!


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