Week 43_Lucie Swart_Dancing in a winter wonderland

Week 43_Lucie Swart_Dancing in a winter wonderland

Hi fellow bloggers,

Today’s blog isn’t about the internship. This week we had to meet two deadlines: one about the entrepreneurship industry, which was an essay on a subject of one of the lectures Peter van der Sijde gave during this course. The other one was about the entrepreneurship introduction, which was an assignment about an analysis of an entrepreneur of your own choice. Kristel has given us the opportunity to work on these deadlines, which means that creating the plan in order to reach donors has been postponed.

Because at this moment I can’t tell you about my experience during this internship, I will give you an example of a crowdfunding project, which currently is an online project on Voordekunst.nl. Winter and Christmas are coming soon, therefore an example of the Dutch Don’t Dance Division, which at this moment are busy with preparing a new Christmas production: ‘Dancing in a Winter Wonderland. This production is an all-encompassing cultural cooperation with professional dancers, singers and musicians, working with dance students, music students, amateur dancers, singers and children of all ages. Through this promotion movie which they posted online (see link below) , they hope to raise enough money in order to make costumes for everyone. As a thank you gift, you will get a discount on tickets for the show, you will get one free ticket or you can attend one rehearsal. The kind of ‘thank you gift’ you get, will depend on the amount of money you’ll donate.

I would say, take a look at the movie and judge for yourself!

See you next week,




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