Mike Spits @ Amsterdam Economic Board – Week 43

Mike Spits @ Amsterdam Economic Board – Week 43

Good afternoon and welcome to my blog,

Todays blog is about the start of the business plan.

We first had a catch up with Els, to talk about what we have done so far and what our next step is.

As mentioned last week, we wanted to get more insight in the business plan because it is the basis of our project. That’s why we reviewed multiple structures and decided to go for the Business Canvas Model. Although it handles a lot of aspects, we decided to add a few. The things we were mostly missing where the competitive advantages. The Business Canvas Model was mostly based on the company itself, but not on the environment the company is going to work in.

We also got a reply from Jessica, who has been really helpful in our project by the way, that the platform WeHelpen were interested to meet us and to discuss their business plan. Since this was one of our first choices, we are very exited about it. We are now waiting for them to come up with their timetable, in order to arrange a meeting. Since the internet at the Board didn’t work, it was impossible to actually find new information, so we started to see what kind of information is needed for the business plan.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

Mike Spits


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