Week 43: #6 – Jeroen ten Hoopen – 2525397

Week 43: #6 – Jeroen ten Hoopen – 2525397

Hi there,

Unfortunately no meeting at Ace@Vu this week. Mainly because I have been busy with papers and exams. Actually this morning I had to take an exam on a course of last years program called “policy- and decision making”. Which I hope I passed, but lets wait and see!

No meeting of course doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy with the internship. As I told you guys last week we have to create a survey. For which basically what needs to be done is create a theoretical framework in which we find out how this should be done and with what fundamental literature.  But in order to get a better idea on what these so called “Gazelle entrepreneurs” are (before the internship i never heard of them), we should dig into this a bit ourselves too. We heard that the FD (Financial newspaper) has a yearly award for Gazelle entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. So what would be a real addition to our research is if we can actually get in contact with these winners (or maybe even runner ups). I hope that next week I will know a bit more and maybe even have an interview with one of these entrepreneurs.

As you can see not much real work on the internship, just some brainstorming. But for the course Introduction Entrepreneurship we had to hand in our final assignment. In which I analyzed the biography of Andre Agassi, the former number 1 tennis of the world. And now running his own foundation that helps children in need with education in and around Las Vegas. Really interesting in my opinion. Well that was basically it this week, I will see you guys next week!

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