Week 42 – Jobbe van der Maesen – 2564136 – ACE Amsterdam

Week 42 – Jobbe van der Maesen – 2564136 – ACE Amsterdam

This week has been an exciting week at the Science Park in Amsterdam. As you know I’m working with a small group of students on a project to establish a successful incubator at the Science Park. This incubator should become the driving force of an entrepreneurial hub that stimulates students to engage themselves in entrepreneurship.

So far we have painted a picture of the ecosystem of the entrepreneurial hub. The ecosystem helps us understand the beneficiary parties in the project, and the flow of resources and products between these parties.

The main parties in the ecosystem are defined as the following: the university, ACE venture lab, investors, and grown businesses. Between these parties many recourses flow. We’ve narrowed the ecosystem down by categorizing the resources as main recourses (or products) and sub-recourses. The products are as following: education, inspiration and investments. All of the sub-recourses that flow between the parties can be labeled under these three products.

You may think that inspiration is a little bit of a vague product but I’ll assure you now that it is highly necessary. The entrepreneurial hub can only be successful if and only if its being fed its nutrition: the business ideas. The value of the incubator is defined by the value of the businesses that it brings forth. The value of those businesses is in turn dependent on the quality of the businesses, which is in turn dependent on the quality and quantity of ideas. Ideas must be created and the more inspiration you put into the hub the more ideas you create and the higher the chances are for good ideas to exist.

Education is a product because next to inspiration, students have to gain knowledge about the possibilities. They have to become open to the idea of entrepreneurship and this is established through education.

As far as investments go, I think I don’t really need to explain why investments are important to the growth of businesses.

That’s all for now..



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