Luuk Staudt – Blog 6, Week 43 – ACE@HOME

Luuk Staudt – Blog 6, Week 43 – ACE@HOME

Hi reader,

This week was a week without the challenge. My teammates had a exam this to do and we all had our papers to finish for the two courses. Luckily, our contact person saw that this would be a week we could not fully focus on the challenge so we did not schedule a meeting. This did not mean that there was no work to do though.

I told you last week about some of the difficulties in finding good literature. Therefore, this week more literature research has been done from the comfort of my own home, indeed ACE@HOME in this instance. Next week I will discuss my findings with my teammates so we can determine how we can incorporate these things in a survey.

Like so many of you I fully focused on finishing my papers this week. My biography analysis was about Duncan Bannatyne which most of you will know for his part in the Dragon’s Den series. His book Anyone can do it truly is inspiring. The fact that he didn’t start his business until he was thirty, will appeal to a lot of people. Since nowadays the trend is to start earlier and earlier.

For my essay I looked at the role of entrepreneurship professionals in perverting the system of intellectual property. This is something I spoke to you earlier about in reviewing the article. After reading into the matter more, it is my firm believe that the system needs a drastic overhaul to fully meet is original aim of rewarding true innovation. Next week will be all about ACE again so cannot wait to tell you about my new adventures in the challenge then. For now, have a good weekend reader.

Luuk Staudt  (2506898)


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