Guido Spooren, Week 43, Feasibility Check!

Guido Spooren, Week 43, Feasibility Check!

Hi readers, welcome to my sixth blog about my internship at Feniksgroep.

As I told last week, our group of 3 has arranged a meeting with our internship coordinator to talk about the feasibility of our ideas and 1 idea in particular. Because of logistical reasons, we were unable to meet in person with one another, so we decided to start a Skype conversation. We discussed our ideas and mainly bringing up 1 idea that we thought would be best and probably most feasible, while remaining effective. And fortunately (!), our coordinator gave us green light to use this idea in our presentation. She also thought it would be feasible and potentially very effective to raise awareness among entrepreneurs for the importance of an exit strategy. She also gave us some telephone numbers of people and authorities we could contact, in order to receive even more information. We can in turn use this information to work out our ideas even more and prepare our idea-presentation for next week. After the presentations, a jury will decide which of the ideas is best and on which idea we will work with the 6 of us! And this also means that I can finally tell you what our idea was next week! Again, my apologies for keeping you waiting for so long…

This was basically all that I’ve done for the internship this week, since I was also very occupied with working on the final assignments of both courses I attend: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship Industry. One of these assignments is an essay which I am writing about innovation, a very interesting topic in my opinion and perhaps also relevant for this internship! However, these courses are basically finished now, which means that the 2nd semester of the minor Entrepreneurship starts next Monday with 2 whole new courses: Enterprising Regions and Entrepreneurship & Networks. I am already looking forward to attending those courses!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog and hopefully you will read my next week’s blog as well! 🙂



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