Joep van Gelder, week 43, Evaluation of the course

Joep van Gelder, week 43, Evaluation of the course

Joep van Gelder
Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Today, it is time for a special blog. Rather than talking about the internship, I will talk about other things. This week there were two deadlines and in my case, there also will be an exam tomorrow (Friday, ed.). Seen as I’m not the only one with an exam as well, we decided, together with the guide of our challenge, that this would be a ‘week off’. It is therefore that I will talk about the two final assignments of this week. Furthermore, I will give a brief evaluation on how I experienced the course Introduction to Entrepreneurship.

For the final assignment of Introduction to Entrepreneurship we had to make an entrepreneurial analysis of a biography. In my case this was Gordon Ramsay. He is a British chef who owns 27 restaurants internationally, good for seven michelin stars. He had a difficult childhood and this was an incentive for him to work hard; and with success. He earns lots of money and is one of only four chefs in the United Kingdom to maintain three michelin stars with his restaurant Gordon Ramsay at Royal Hospital Road. I would really recommend the autobiography, called Humble Pie. It is a fascinating story and it is easy to read.

For Entrepreneurship Industry, the other course of this period, I described the role of entrepreneurship professionals when it comes to consultancy. I will not reveal the content, as we are still pending the deadline. For questions about it, you can contact me on

When I look back at this course, I can say that I really enjoyed it. I especially like the practical work, on which one’s grade is based. In my opinion, this gives more motivation, seen as you do not just reproduce the stuff that you’ve learned; you also apply it. By this, you learn more from it and this makes it way more useful than when you just have an exam.

The course comes to an end. I hope to see you all during the next course and hopefully, I can tell you more about the activities at ACE@VU by then. Ciao!

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