week 42: Ine van der spek 2508404 Introduction Entrepreneurship

week 42: Ine van der spek 2508404 Introduction Entrepreneurship

Hello everyone!

This week was a very productive week, when we look at the internship. There were two days that we worked on the assignment of the internship. The first day, was an opportunity for only one of us. One of us was able to go to the Fenixgroep and meet with several entrepreneurs. After some negotiation we decided that Floris was the chosen one, he was going to do the interviews. The interviews were with different people, some of them went bankrupt and some of them really struggled with their finances.

To Floris it was very surprising that he was going to interview people, because he only heard this one our before the start of the meeting. However, he really managed to ask the right questions. It was striking that only two out of three had an exit strategy and that the only exit strategy they had was a takeover by their son or daughter. Nobody really thought about what to do when you go bankrupt.

An other remarkable detail was that all of the entrepreneurs weren’t really negative about the reactions they got from other people, like family, friends or other entrepreneurs. The all say that, if you are open about what happend, people will listen to you, but they will not treat you different. I thought that it was very special that all these entrepreneurs were so open about there bankruptcy.

The other day that we spend for our internship was again an other brainstorm session. But this time a bit more explicite. We thought about the details of our plan and made an power point. Next week we will try to finish our idea and really work it out perfectly. For now our main focus will (of course) be on the assignments.

Have a lovely weekend,



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