Jobbe van der Maesen-week 42- Venture Lab Amsterdam

Jobbe van der Maesen-week 42- Venture Lab Amsterdam

This Friday was the first time we got in touch with the Venture Lab at the Science Park in Amsterdam. Up until now our project is very inspirational and I can’t wait to dig deeper into it.

Together a variety of science organizations, universities, colleges, business schools, and other prominent organizations in Amsterdam it is our collective goal to expand Amsterdam’s capabilities of creating, attracting, and facilitating leading innovation businesses. The ideal location to establish the basis of this entrepreneurial hub is the Science Park in Amsterdam. This location is already connected to research facilities of the UvA and other innovation drive businesses.

Mr. Erik Boer is leading the team responsible for the Valorization and Entrepreneurship of the Venture Lab. As a group we will be cooperating together with Erik Boer on this matter.

Our focus within this are will be on the three points: inspiration, education, incubation.


On behalf of the valorization of the project we need to create an environment that continuously inspires students, professors, organizations and businesses. The inspiration part will be the catalyst that drives these parties to be alert for the opportunities and possibilities that are facilitated by the Science Park Entrepreneurial Hub.


We want to include education courses in the project. Educating students on subjects related to the possibilities this project facilitates encourages students to embed themselves in the hub, and creates awareness.


Incubation should be the result of the Inspiration and Education parts. The Science Park should facilitate possibilities for incubation. This means the environment should be attractive for start up businesses. Especially science based start-ups should have easy and affordable access to laboratories for research. Infrastructure for strategic advice and investments should be mapped out.

The first impression of the Venture Lab is that it is a well organized and supported project with incredible potential. There are already 28 companies that have started up through the Venture Lab and the future goal is to continuously have about 50 companies in the pipeline.


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