Mike Spits @ Amsterdam Economic Board – Week 42

Mike Spits @ Amsterdam Economic Board – Week 42

Hi all, welcome back to my blog,

As mentioned last week, we had a meeting with the people of the company Amsterdam Smart City today. We got introduced to the company and the introduction was followed by the explanation of several sharing economy platforms, related to the social sector.

The social sector, because we are probably going to work in that field, which was also our conclusion today. On the basis of that thought, we went looking for companies that fit to our plans. Last week we got a list of companies that work together with Sharenl, so we used that to find them. The list contained more than 100 different companies, so that took us a while.

We haven’t got a reply yet form Thuisafgehaald, the company that we would like to get more insight in so we get more familiar with the bigger already existing sharing platforms. The smaller companies we chose from the list were: Wehelpen, Ruilrestaurant, Konnektid and Casserole Club. These platforms are based on the trading of food and services.

Next week we are going to focus on the business plan. We are going to investigate multiple structures and decide which one we are going to use and what information we need to complete the plan.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you next week!

Mike Spits


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