Benjamin Collins-week 42-MKB Amsterdam

Benjamin Collins-week 42-MKB Amsterdam

Hello everyone,


Six weeks into the entrepreneurship program has made me aware that there is more than meets the eye when you want to be successful with your own business. We hear a lot about the success story’s but behind that there are mistakes and failures you don’t always have knowledge of. The start of a company really has to be something that people believe in before it can grow to something big. Personally I think it can be very hard as an entrepreneur to keep believing in your own product when it might not be as successful as you would have hoped. This course is all about real life examples of entrepreneurship, which I think is great because I don’t think it’s something you can study from a textbook alone. Unfortunately our internship hasn’t been going as well as planned but I think we can work it out with group, we are motivated to get started and create something that can be useful for SME’s in deciding how to implement new trends into their business. I think we can implement a lot of the knowledge we have obtained so far in this course into the internship at MKB Amsterdam. On the other hand, it is a long term project so expectations for results should not be to high at the beginning of the project. My opinion is that we can scale down to a specific sector of SME’s in order to be more effective, because making a plan for new trends for all kinds of different company’s is probably a little far fetched, it sounds really cool but maybe time and knowledge is to limited in order to complete such a task.


Benjamin Collins

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